Over all the bullshit in the world?

Over other people’s bullshit?

Even over some of your own bullshit?

This book will set you on the road to purging your own bullshit, and help you avoid other people’s, and in fact the world’s bullshit. Now is the time to cut the bull shit.

I want you to be upset. I want you to be anxious, and frustrated. Bitter and twisted. Negative. Angry with life. Angry with people. I want you to be all these things and more when you pick up A Spade is a Spade. It will then serve a strong purpose in your life. It will expose the fact that you should be feeling the way you do. You’re feeling this way for all the right reasons. Cause and effect. The effect you have control over, you control your response, you own your perspective.

Let this be an intellectual slap through the face when you know full well you need one, or better yet if you don’t that’s also ok; just let me slap you through the face.

With knowledge, discipline and hard work at fine-tuning your perspective, the road to happiness isn’t just possible, it’s clear and open for you to take. The choice is yours….